Shehu Sani Spits Fire

By Abdulmumin Giwa

Following widespread accusations against the Senator representing Kaduna Central Senatorial Zone Shehu Sani by the enraged Kaduna state government claiming that the Senator is standing between the masses and infrastructural developments in the state for disallowing the governor Nasiru El-Rufai to access a loan of $350 million, the Senator speaks even tough against the loan acquisition.

Speaking on a Hausa political program on Invecta FM Radio in Kaduna, Senator Shehu Sani says Kaduna state is second only to Lagos state on the list of indebted states in the country with a loan of $200 million. Hence, the state does not deserve to seek additional loan of an amount even more than the current liability.

The Senator explained that the loan is not in the interest of the state as the masses will be left to face its repercussions for about ten years to come while those who access it will be enjoying with their friends and families.

He asked if any of the masses was aware that the governor was going to access the loan before now that it is being spread around that he is against the development of the state.

He added that the state has benefitted from free funds and allocations which nothing about them has been made public by the governor. But now that the Assembly has refused the state access to loan it is being mischievously spread everywhere.

“Let it be written that I Senator Sheh

u Sani has refused to allow the state governor to access a loan of $350 million because it is not in the interest of the masses” he said, adding that they should wait for another senator when he is out of there to come and give them access to the loan.

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