Nigerian Army Needs Total Overhaul -Naja’atu

Abdulmumin Giwa

Expressing her disappointment concerning the unfortunate posture of lack of performance of the Nigerian Army as regards their inability to protect Nigerians, a call for total overhaul of the Nigerian Army was made.

The call was made by a politician and and rights activist, Hajia Naja’atu Muhammad while delivering an address organized by the Bring Back Our Girls, BBOG movement at the Yar’adua Center in Abuja.

The theme of the event which had in attendance a one time running mate of President Muhammad Buhari, Pastor Tunde Bakari, is “towards a just and good society”.

Naja’atu described those who attach sectional, religious or tribal sentiments to problems being faced by Nigerians as part of the problem the country is facing.

She spoke against the irresponsibility and lack of performance of the Nigerian government adding that we don’t have a nation as governance has failed in Nigeria.

In his speech, Pastor Bakare condemned what the Nigerian president said about his wife belonging to the kitchen and the bedroom as an insult to women in Africa while he stood before the international community next to the most powerful woman in the world.

He said women are not meant to be caged, they have brains and can perform even better than many men and must be allowed to play roles of responsibility.

The leader of the BBOG, Oby Ezekwesili called for more to be done to free the missing girls.

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