Nigerians’ responses on Buhari’s comment on young people

While attending a business forum in London, President Muhammad Buhari’s description of young Nigerians raised a lot of row in the public.

The youth and indeed other Nigerians felt the statement was embarrassing and miss-presenting the true hardworking nature of Nigerians.

Buhari said Nigeria has a “young population” that just wants to “sit and do nothing and get housing education and health for free.”

Relative to this, concerned Nigerian youth paraphrased the statement and said Buhari said “Nigerian youth is lazy and is waiting for free money” which is the most correct way to put it.

This led the presidency and supporters of Buhari into using all means of explanations to assure Nigerians that Buhari never insulted Nigerian youth in London.

Some of these statements are as follows.

Kingsley Moghalu
We must refrain from asking our youth why their feet are dirty, when we don’t even give them shoes.
10:32 AM · Apr 19, 2018

Dele Momodu Ovation
I see guys at Maryland Ikeja selling recharge cards by midnight and I see kids selling plantain chips at 6 am on Third Mainland bridge; I’ve not seen that in any other country…

Atiku Abubakar
I will never refer to Nigeria’s youth as people who sit and do nothing. They are hardworking. I should know, I have thousands of youths working for me all over the country who have been the backbone to our success.
8:02 AM · Apr 19, 2018

Governor Dankwambo
Nigerian youths are extremely hard working. Their creativity & innovation are fundamental drivers of our economy and nation. From the creative industry to banking, agriculture & our military, our youths make our nation exceed daily.

God bless the Nigerian youths.
8:38 PM · Apr 18, 2018

Ben Murray-Bruce
Whoever says Nigerian youths are lazy should just buy a mirror and he or she will see the real definition of laziness! I have over 1000 Nigerian youths in my employ and not one of them is lazy.
11:22 PM · Apr 18, 2018

Farooq Kperogi, Ph.D
Buhari supervises a govt that engages in secretive, illegal employment of d children and relatives of high-ranking political elites while millions of brilliant, hardworking but underprivileged pple vegetate in misery, yet he goes 2 London & calls young Nigerians lazy & uneducated
10:42 PM · Apr 18, 2018

Pius Adesanmi
It’s as if they sent the man to his deputy. He was ill in London, his 2nd calabash went around southeast and south south on a healing expedition. He returned & destroyed d little gains. 2nd calabash is touring youth establishments & inspiring them, he goes to London to dabaru it.
1:38 PM · Apr 19, 2018

Usman A. Usman

Telling the world that a lot of Nigerian youths are illiterates and feel a sense of entitlement to housing and medicare because the country has crude oil is akin to a father telling his prospective in laws that his son is irresponsible. Its better to call them outrightly lazy.

19:57, 20th April 2018, Kaduna Nigeria.

Adegbesan Olusile
@Gidi_Traffic I am a 2nd class upper graduate of chemistry science from university of lagos, I am now a shoe maker cos I couldn’t get a job, I am not lazy, I am not lazy I am not lazy

Mr. Jack Robinson
Meet Kate Ogechukwu, a Second Class Upper graduate of History and International Relations from Ebonyi state university, decided to go into charcoal selling to make ends meet, due to lack of Jobs..


The Àdùké
I hold a masters degree in geography but I sell amala and co for a living just because…… #LazyNigerianYouths #LazyNigerianYouths
8:10 AM · Apr 19, 2018 from Ibadan, Nigeria

Ayisha Osori
What’s tragic about PMB’s comment is that it was in response to a clear question: ‘what are the investment opportunities in the NE?’

This was an opportunity to talk about the vibrancy of our art, music, photography or warmth & resilience of Nigerians

The trouble isn’t that Buhari said that Nigerian youth are lazy.

It’s what he said it in response to.

The question DID NOT mention Nigerian youth.

He went off on a major tangent, raising questions about his comprehension, focus, and attention to detail…
12:39 PM · Apr 19, 2018

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