KDSG charging of Sheikh Zakzaky to court is a mockery of legal process -IHRC

By Abdulmumin Giwa

The decision of the Kaduna state government to charge the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky to court recently has been described as a mockery of the legal process by Islamic Human Rights Commission, IHRC.

This is contained in a press statement issued by the commission concerning the suite.

The statement added that charging the Sheikh to court after illegally detaining him for several months demonstrates desperation on the side of the government and yet another slap in the face of due process into the country.

Along with his wife and two others the leader of the movement has been charged with eight offences the most serious of which is punishable with death.

The IHRC had earlier laid complains on the December 2015 clampdown on the IMN in Zaria where over 1000 members were killed to the International Criminal Court ICC.

The ICC has since escalated eight charges against the Nigerian authorities from primary observation to preliminary investigation, an action that sent the government jittering.

IHRC describes the recent court charges against the Sheikh as an attempt to curb the persistent peaceful protests calling on the Nigerian government to obey court order and release the Sheikh.

IHRC further called on the international community to act now to ensure that Nigeria abides by its commitment to human rights.

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