Tukur Mamu to challenge JIBWIS leaders Lau,Gombe in court as he responds to suit.

In response to a suit coming up between Bala Lau, the leader of Izala Islamic group otherwise called JIBWIS, Kabiru Gombe a leading Izala cleric and Alhaji Tukur Mamu, a publisher, Mamu remains undaunted in his challenge of the flagrant life the JIBWIS leaders are leading.

He explained to journalists recently where he stands as his lawyers have since resumed work.

In his reaction to the suit, Tukur Mamu told reporters

that, “Lau and Gombe have done exactly what I am expecting them to do. To initiate the legal battle first. Remember, I have earlier threatened to sue them but there was intervention from people I cannot say no to them even though I am convinced that doing so is in the interest of Islam and JIBWIS. We are prepared for them.

“We have instructed our lawyer, Barr. Sadau Garba to proceed forthwith with the case. I don’t have apology to anyone of them. They are only after leadership and what they are benefiting financially in JIBWIS. If not why are they as Islamic scholars we supposed emulate shamelessly fighting over leadership?

“We will not have regard for anyone that will flagrantly violate and ignore Allah’s specific instructions in the holy Qur’an about unity and uniting. Why did they factionalize JIBWIS into two, promote the division and frustrate every efforts to bring them together? Why are they not practicing what they are preaching?

“Is it legal even according to the constitution of JIBWIS to have two separate and feuding leadership all claiming same position and under one registration? Are Lau and Gombe truly accounting for the proceeds of the hides and skin we used to donate every year for the benefit of our religion or they are only manipulating our conscience?

“How many times have they audited the accounts of JIBWIS as prescribed by the law? Who is actually authorising withdrawals from their account and how many people are actually in control of finances?

“Who brought Mu’azzam Ibrahim to Manara and how much has he been paid so far for the job of ruining the television station?

“Didn’t we all know that Lau and Kabir Gombe are running Manara TV before they ruined it like their personal property and that only the two of them decided even among the neutral JIBWIS scholars that are far more educated than them who will feature and whose preaching will be aired in the television? We all know that they select only scholars that are blindly loyal to them to feature in the television even though Manara belongs to all stakeholders.

“Is it not true that they are diverting Hajj seats exclusively for themselves and their families instead of distributing same to JIBWIS members particularly yan’agajis and poor ‘alarammas’ that are sacrificing so much for Islam?

“Is it also not true that the likes of Lau, Gombe, Yakubu Musa etc are very much preoccupied in class struggle, competing among themselves who wears the most expensive clothes, types of jeeps in their intimidating convoys and the number of securities that followed them?

“The period of manipulating our conscience is over. The two Izalas can unite if they are truly doing it for Allah’s sake. What they are doing is illegality and highly embarrassing to Islam. Just go and find out, what is the worth of Lau and Kabir Gombe twelve years back precisely before they started benefiting the proceeds of their highly corrupt leadership of the faction of JIBWIS.

“Where did they get the millions they are intimidating poor followers with? They will tell you that Lau has been a business man for long. Where did he get the millions as a working capital and the petrol stations he opened all within the same period? Where did Kabir Gombe got the money to open the expensive bakery in Kaduna and the houses he build? Didn’t they directly benefited from the Dasuki arms money which was supposed to be for the development of JIBWIS? Have they been accounting for the millions of money they used to solicit from prominent Muslim elites on behalf of JIBWIS? I really don’t think it is appropriate for the elites to donate a penny to so called leaders that cannot obey Allah’s straightforward instruction to unite, islamic scholars that believed in exploiting divisions to amaze wealth to the detriment of the religion.

“They should realise that as a human being or a manipulator, you can succeed in deceiving ignorant and blind followers but certainly you cannot deceive Allah, and it is only a matter of time” he said.

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