Perpetrators of Zaria massacre paid millions of dollars by Saudi Arabia to kill Sheikh Zakzaky

By Abdulmumin Giwa

In a recent attempt by the Nigerian government through the notorious Kaduna state governor Nasiru El-Rufai, a man who introduced himself to Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky as a registrar from High Court 2 Kaduna insisted that the Sheikh signs and receives a court summons.

The revered Sheikh who is currently in illegal detention with the DSS in Abuja refused to sign it and sent the man away.

Sheikh Zakzaky said they would have to use soldiers to kill him the way they did earlier as he will never on his own will go to the court adding that both he and his wife are ready to die.

He explained that he was the one that was attacked and his children killed and both he and his wife shot severally and detained and even after the court has ordered his release over one year ago the government is acting in contempt of court and refusing to obey.

How could he then be charged to another court while they disregard the earlier court judgement he added.

He stated that those behind the Zaria massacre want to ensure that they kill him because of the millions of dollars they have been paid by Saudi Arabia to eliminate him.

He explained that in Saudi Arabia they use to sue those they don’t like and concoct charges on them and get them killed, in like manner the Saudi regime that bribed them wants them to use the same method on him and he will not concede to that he said.

He added that they have their guns and he has his blood they can come and shed it but he will not go to the court. They would have to take him to the court unconscious after shooting him or take his dead body there after killing him the way they brought him into detention using guns and

military might but not on his own volition.

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