El-rufai reigns curses, abuses on the three Senators from Kaduna

By Abdulmumin Giwa

The Kaduna state governor Nasir El-Rufai has reigned curses on the three Senators, Sule Hukui, Shehu Sani and Danjuma Lah and also described them as irresponsible men.

He made the statement in a speech he delivered in Hausa language at a flag up ceremony to the Local government elections in the state that took place at the Ranchers Bees stadium in the metropolis on Friday.

He accused the three Senators in the state for standing between him and the Bank loan which was refused by the National Assembly.

He insisted that they are the enemies of the masses of the state that have refused to allow development by cutting his access to funds funds.

“Today the masses of Kaduna have no worse enemies than these three irresponsible men Sule Hunkui, Shehu Sani and Danjuma Lah, may the curse of Allah befall them.” The governor said.

He also instructed his supporters publicly to attack any of the three Senators they see and also cut the hair off the head of one and shave the beard of the other.

“But these irresponsible men, whenever they enter Kaduna, cut the hair off the head of one and shave the beard of the other” the governor added.

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