Muhammad Bin Salman’s demand of eradicating Shias from Pakistan left leaders astonished

Shiite News: Saudi Arabian Prince and the current Defense Minister Muhammad Bin Salman made a unique demand from Pakistani leadership. He asked the Pakistani rulers to eradicate Shias from Pakistan and take as much financial aid as they want, in this regard.

Senior governmental sources told that the deputy crown Prince of Saudi Arabia made this demand during his recent visit that they were ready to provide any kind of help to the government of Pakistan for eradicating Shia Muslims from the country.

However, the government sources told, senior leadership clearly refused the Prince’s demand and said that Pakistan was not an Arab state. Shias and Sunnis both leave peacefully here and Shias have played an important role in the establishment and development of the country. Leadership’s response to the foolish demand of the Saudi prince is appreciable.

Muhammad Bin Salman needs to be reminded of the fact that more than fifty million Shia Muslims live in Pakistan whereas a hundred million Barelvi Muslims are also a part of this country. Therefore, the Prince should not dream about Saudi influence in Pakistan on the basis of just 20-30 million Salafi and Deobandis. He should also be reminded that both Shias and Sunnis unitedly struggle for the establishment of Pakistan and the Quaid of this country was a Shia Muslim whereas the then Deobandi leadership, in unison with Congress, was declaring Pakistan as Kaafiristan and Quaid e Azam as Kaffir e Azam. Pakistan is not going to become a tool at the hands of Saudi Arabia and suffer because of any conspiracy.

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