As death toll rises in Nigeria

Killing of innocent Nigerians has since become persistent in the country through the various publicized ways.

These include the widely publicized terrorism where mostly worship places, markets, motor parks and schools are attacked, villages and people attacked by bandits and even by the state.

In 2015 the Nigerian army and the Kaduna state government mass buried 347 unarmed civilians killed by the soldiers in Zaria.

More and more people have been killed in different attacks in different places that include Zamfara, Plateau, Kaduna, Taraba, Nasarawa, Benue and other places in the northeast.

Although those killed are Nigerians, mischievous sectional and religious outlook is given to the killings that could worsen the situation. President Muhammadu Buhari was issued a warning decently by the US president Donald Trump that they would not tolerate the killing of Christians in Nigeria whereas statistics have shown that most of the victims of the killings are Muslims.

The Nigerian government is claiming to be spending so much including the purchase of fighter jets but without any results.

The lawmakers are not also doing enough about the killings. The Senator representing Kaduna North Shehu Sani stated on his Twitter handle as one of the few senators that press on the matter that…

“Again and again, I will continue to raise the tragic situation of Birnin Gwari on the floor of the senate until it touches the conscience of those responsible for its security to prioritize human lives over 2019 politics.Mass Burial has become ‘a daily ritual’ in Birnin Gwari.We must admit the fact that the police and the army have nothing much to work with to enable them confront the danger and the superior fire power of the armed bandits.”

Just of recent another thread of bloodshed is showing its ugly face as Nigeria heads for 2019 general elections.

People have been killed and injured, people have been threatened and properties destroyed in the course of the recent ruling party APC Congresses.

All the signs so far in the country continues to point at bloodshed unless drastic measures are taken.

Apart from inflation in the prices of essential commodities, deteriorating states of basic infrastructure like water, electricity, healthcare, shelter and roads, security has now become more expensive in Nigeria.

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