Popular Buhari’s Eulogist accused of defrauding colleagues.

By Abdulmumin Giwa
A popular praise singe

r for the ruling APC party, especially president Muhammadu Buhari, Dauda Kahutu, popularly known as Rarara has been accused of defrauding his colleagues in the praise singers organization of N100 million.
He is accused of the fraudulent act by the National chairman of the organization, Alhaji Haruna Aliyu Ningi and his deputy Alhaji Ibrahim Yala while expressing their anger to press men over the matter.
The amount is said to have been given to the singers association by some state Governors seeking publicity as they prepare towards the 2019 elections.
The leaders of the singers association confirmed from Rarara that the said amount has been paid through his bank account through which they agreed the payment to be made.
Ningi added that Rarara refused to hand over the money to the National treasurer of the association despite persistent pressure from him adding that he even stopped picking his phone calls as a result.
The Chairman insists that the money be brought back to the association by Rarara in the interest of peace the refusal of which is the reason why they are making the matter public.
In a phone conversatioas with a news reporter, Rarara denied ever receiving such amount of money from anybody.
It would be recalled that he sang and campaigned tirelessly for president Buhari, praising him as the incorruptible man of dignity while condemning other politicians as corrupt elements that president Buhari must do away with.

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