What Tinubu Told MKO Abiola’s Family About Buhari

National leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has hailed President Muhammadu Buhari as a democrat.

Tinubu spoke when he received the wives and children of the late Abiola who were on a “thank you visit” to his residence in Lagos on Sunday.
The former Lagos govenor reiterated his call for Abiola to be immortalized, by the adoption of his ‘Farewell to poverty’ manifesto.
“We’ve continued to struggle for this day that this injustice must be corrected to become part of our history.
“And if we truly are democrats, we must take the fulfilment of the date as a dream that must be realised and that has come from a military man, a man of military background, who is now truly committed to democratic principles and values.
“We must adopt now hope and farewell to poverty as next crusade to continue to immortailse the beliefs and values of MKO Abiola,” Tinubu said.
The late Abiola’s eldest child, Mrs Lola Abiola-Edewor, said: “For all of those years we’ve been in great distress because not only did we lose our father, we just began to wonder if it was all worth it.
“And see how many governments we’ve had since 1993 till date and nobody saw it fit to do that which is right. The Lord bless President Buhari for this singular honour that he’s done this family and that’s really why we’ve come to see Asiwaju, to thank him for the role he played in the whole saga, which turned out to be a watershed made right. To thank him for standing in, standing firm and standing strong.”

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