There Is No Peace Without Justice, Experts Reiterate

By Abdulmumin Giwa

Justice and fairness to all have been described as the basic sources for peaceful coexistence in Nigeria and subsequent development.

This was stated by experts that delivered talks at a special Sallah feast at Arewa House in Kaduna organized by the Freedom For Humanity International Foundation today, Monday.

In his opening address the National President of the Foundation Barr. Muhammad Musa Umar expressed the need for peace and understanding amongst the diverse communities in the country.

Pastor Yohanna Y. D. Buru of the Peace Revival Foundation lamented over the unfortunate situation of the country particularly the north where people’s diversity is exploited for devilish means. He condemned the incessant killings of people in various communities sighting the Zamfara and Birnin Gwari cases as examples calling on people to be proactive by shunning tribal and religious sentiments.

Another speaker, Barr. B. E. Gwada called on Nigerians to educate themselves about The Nigerian Constitution and live by it. He stated that there are various means of seeking redress provided by the Constitution which if adopted there wouldn’t be any need for crises.

He challenged legal practitioners in the country to live up to their expectation and educate the public on their duties and obligations as provided by the Nigerian constitution for justice and peace to reign.

In his own contribution Engr. Yahaya Gilima of Resource Forum described personal whims and greed as the major reasons why people are unjust to others. He added that lack of patience, tolerance and objectivity leads to all types of injustices in the society.

Gilima explained that the basic objective of the religions of Islam and Christianity in particular is to make better human beings but unfortunately they have now been turned into ceremonies. He called on the public to use religion to make better persons of themselves for justice and peace to reign.

Sheikh Aliyu Tirmizi of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria called for tolerance and revisiting of the past ethical values of our parents while Sheikh Dr. Lawal Muduru of the Niga Foundation reiterated on the need to fight against drug,other abuse describing it as the major contributing factor to juvenile delinquencies and other societal ills.

In the closing remark delivered by Engr. Usman Musa of the foundation he thanked participants for attending and called on the general public to learn from the motivating speeches delivered by various experts and also promised that a similar event will be hosted in due course.

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