Islamic Movement In Nigeria Distances Self From Police Killing, Violence

By Abdulmumin Giwa

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria has distanced itself from recent accusations of violence in Kaduna for which a police statement signed by Public Relations Officer, Mukhtar Aliyu accuses the Movement of killing a police officer.

This was stated by the National Chairman of the Resources Forum of the Movement, Prof Abdullahi Danladi in a press conference in Kaduna on Saturday.

The statement referred to claims by the police that the Islamic Movement armed with “guns, knives, IEDs etc” violently attacking every police officer on site during which they brutally killed a police officer as “not true at all”.

It further described the police claim as the greatest subterfuge of all times.
The Islamic Movement said the reported killing of a policeman was a handiwork of some desperate people out to give a dog a bag name in order to hang it. It accused the police and some thugs of the crime.

The Movement further distanced itself from what it described as a “crude act” that was certainly not by members of the Movement.

It reiterated that throughout the four decades of the existence of the Movement under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, it has never resorted to violence even during intense persecution of its members but rather resorted to seeking redress through constitutionally accepted legal means.

“Why would anyone kill a policeman who is also a victim of bad governance” the statement added.

Also, the statement said at least 23 members of the Movement have been killed by police shootings in the streets of Kaduna since December 2015 with 5 this year alone.

Finally, the Movement called on the police to stop intimidating its members whenever they come out on peaceful protests to exercise their constitutional rights to freedom of assembly and expression calling for the unconditional release of their leader.

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