IMN Counsel to KDSG: Stop Using Power to Persecute Citizen

By Abdulmumin Giwa

The counsels defending Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria IMN have called on the Kaduna state government to stop using the machinery of power and government to persecute their clients while describing the cases against the IMN that are pending before the courts as clear cases of persecution.

“The case in Court and others that are in court are clear cases of persecution and no government is permitted to use the machinery of government and power of the state to persecute its citizens”.

This was stated in a press conference read by the lead Counsels for the defendants, Barrister Maxwell Kyon in Kaduna on Wednesday.

He explained that the conference followed the statement issued by the Kaduna state Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice who informed the public that the discharge and acquittal of some IMN members by Justice David Wyoms of the state High Court was “perverse and lacking in merit” which the state is going to appeal.

The charges against the IMN members include Criminal Conspiracy, Culpable Homicide Punishable with Death, Unlawful Assembly, Disturbance of Public Peace and Wrongful Restraint by the Kaduna state government.

On an application for No Case Submission by the Defence Counsel due to inability of the of the prosecution to produce substantial evidence on the charges, the court granted the application and the accused IMN members were freed.

The no case submission, Barr Kyon explained was clear as the prosecution was contradictory in presenting its evidences especially one Coporal Dankaduna who was confirmed to have been killed by friendly shot and not the accused. There was also a contradiction on where he was actually killed.

The statement also highlighted that the government should apologize to the victims that include among others several workers and students that have lost those life opportunities as a result of being kept in prison for the past 2 years and 7 months.

The Counsel assured the Kaduna state government that his team has the instructions of its client to put up a robust defense at the Court of Appeal if the Kaduna state government refuses to heed wise counsel by showing empathy to those who have lost all and insisting on persecuting them.

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