Oshomole, Ganduje receive Shekarau in APC

By Abdulmumin Giwa

“You were a founding father of the APC and this is a reunion of progressives” he declared.

The national chairman of the ruling All Progressive Congress APC Adams Oshomole was received by mammoth crowd at the residence of the former Minister of Education and the troubled leading Peoples Democratic Party PDP member in Kano state.

“Based on your records and achievements in life, nobody can claim being more progressive than you in Nigeria” Oshomole described Shekarau in his address.

He explained that he was in the state to reunite comrades of the party in persons of Governor Ganduje and Shekarau under the same party.
Oshomole welcomed Shekarau to APC as all the none progressives have left the party.

“You were a founding father of the APC and this is a reunion of progressives” he declared.

Thanking the strong team of visitors, Shekarau expressed gratitude.
“Anybody writing the history of APC and Shekarau is not mentioned then it is not complete. I have been the midwife of the APC” he exclaimed.
Shekarau declared that his position concerning dumping the PDP for APC would be made public in a matter of hours.

“Our consultations are in high gear in a few hours we will announce our position” he stated.

Governor Ganduje said that he is the happiest person in the state for Shekarau to join the APC because they are brothers. Hr promised that all the differences between his camp and that of Shekarau will be and his followers will be resolved.

Ganduje sarcastically condemned Sen Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso describing him as a tiger and hyena that robbed Shekarau of the APC in the state.

“The tiger, the same hyena that robbed you out of the APC is the same one following you to the PDP. How can you stay in that party? We should join together to fight that hyena to finish” Ganduje said.

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