BREAKING: Sacked Emir Sanusi’s Private Secretary escapes being assassinated

By Abdulmumin Giwa

The former Principal Private Secretary to late Emir Ado Bayero who was sacked by Emir Muhammadu Sanusi ii, Isa Sunusi Bayero, escaped Assassins Bullets by the whiskers, Saturday at his Sharada Country home, Kano Municipal.

The Assassins who were five in number and well armed stormed the house at about 7.40pm asking his whereabout.

Narrating his ordeals, Isa Sunusi, who is known as Isa pilot, said that on Saturday at about 7.40pm at his residence they heard a loud sound of something like gunfire and thought it was a tire burst.

“When we heard the sound my driver went out to see what it was only for the Assassins to escorted him back with guns asking of where I am but luckily for me then, I was inside the house. When I heard serious encounter outside, I peeped through the door and the cracking sound of the door attracted their attention. They rushed towards the door and I quickly locked the it and put off the lights. This sent fears to the Assassins and they escaped”.

Also narrating his side of the story, his driver Aliyu Abdullahi said they insisted he directs them to Isah but he said he was a visitor and does not know anyone called Isah.

“But before they left one of them said let’s kill one person to live a message but the leader insisted that it was only Isa pilot we were told to killed and they left” the driver narrated.

“Thereafter Police came in and cordoned off the residence and told me that they have commenced serious investigation into the issue” Isah stated.

Prior to that, Isa pilot had mentioned to Newsmen that some people he doesn’t know used to call his daughter’s or wife’s line insulting him and threatening them.

“But I have never taken that serious because I thought they are cowards and acting in a cowardice manner” Isah declared.

It would be recalled that Isa Sunusi was accused of revealing the palace secrets and sacked by the current Emir of Kano Muhammad Sanusi ii.

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