Burutai allegedly rains N500,000 each to 40 journalist in Maiduguri


Last week Army spokesman, Lt. Col SK Usman, at the behest of Army chief Buratai, invited 40 journalists, few bloggers mostly those covering the NE and editors, to Maiduguri. All expenses paid. It was a meeting that had two phases. He met with Heads of NGOs and officials of UN agencies in the NE. The theme for the media? To implore the media to take it easy and not pursue “negative”. Stories about how the military high command are stashing funds meant for soldiers, allowing them to die like hens when in combat with Boko. The dinner was open, questions were taken, there was photo shoot, then d media went into a private room. I must point out that two or three editors who were “not trusted” were left out of the Naira rain.
One of those they accuse was Babajide Otitoju of TVC. Usman personally accused him of ” demoralizing” troops. (check his wall) Babajide was there at the diner. Sources, including few who attended, told me each got N500,000. Buratai said it was not bribe but for the holidays. Not sure if the NGO’s got anything. I know every editor present but won’t list them here, listed Babajide because he hinted on his wall.
Are you aware the military has spent more on media, propaganda, damage control than they use to just feed the soldiers, we not talking weapons.


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